Accelerating the claims process
with the power of 3D technology.

Saving time on-site, high-tech documentation and communication efficiency.

Our Interactive 3D Property Claim offering is a 

huge asset for everyone in the claims process!

✓ Save time onsite. Little or no visits necessary.
✓ Point in time documentation. No question about 
the reality of the damage.
✓ No drawing layouts. Floor plans created from 
our scan are 99%

✓ Blueprints. Our scans can produce full elevation, 
floor plan and 3D models.
✓ HD Images are created from the 3D scan. 
Create unlimited photos.
✓ 360 views interior/exterior and in the roof, if necessary.


What does our 3D property claim include? 

Our 3D property claim service engages the senses and enhances property claims 
with the ability to visualize what each room of a space or home looks like.

3D Walk-through

Explore your space or home from every vantage point

HD Photography

Enhance your photographs through the power of professional photography

360 View Panoramas

A simple yet powerful tool that increases the visualization of the property

2D/3D Floor Plans

Give an idea of your space or home through precise measurements and realistic floor plans

Claim webpage

A password-protected Claim webpage with all the relevant data

We take pride in creating accurate, realistic, and engaging experiences for property claims. 

These services amplify and better document the damage done to your property in a way that allows insurance companies to feel as if they were stepping foot in the door.


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