Vacation and Condo 3D Tour Video

One of the best advertising tools for your vacation or condo property is a 3D video tour. These will quickly drive traffic to your site and increase your social media engagement. Blue Immersive Media is standing by to help you build your business. 

What Is A 3D Video Tour?

A 3D video tour is a recording of a 3D tour and walkthrough of a property. It allows people to view a property as if they were there in-person. They can see how rooms are set up from ceiling to floor. It also can include outdoor spaces so they can view other parts of the facility. 

How A 3D Video Tour Is Created

Our team will come out with special 360 degree cameras to take pictures of the entire property. We’ll then stitch these pictures together to create an immersive 3D tour of your condo. Lastly, we’ll create a video of the 3D tour for you to share on your social media and other marketing campaigns.

How Vacation and Condo 3D Video Tours Benefit You

3D video tours are the latest in cutting edge technology. You can give people a realistic view of your condo so they can picture themselves vacationing there. A few of the other great benefits of a 3D video tour includes:

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Increase user engagement with your properties
  • Give users a sense of ownership since they’ll feel like they’re already there
  • Enables you to increase your reach with marketing campaigns since you can include the videos of your properties
  • Allows users to do the advertising for you as they share your videos on their social media

Another great benefit is that they’ll increase your Google ranking as Google sees that more people are spending more time on your site. 

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If you’re ready to bring your business to the next level then our team is excited to help you out. Blue Immersive Media can provide you with 3D video tours of your listings quickly. We’re eager to get started so give us a call today!

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