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3D tours help showcase your hotel space and all that is has to offer. A majority of users go to the internet first before they settle on a hotel. Blue Immersive Media can help you set your business apart by offering 3D tours of your boutique hotel property.

What Is A 3D Tour?

A 3D tour is a completely interactive 360-degree tour of your hotel space. Users can walk through rooms, event spaces, and other parts of your hotel as if they were there in-person. This gives guests the chance to interact with your hotel and give them a real world experience.

3D Tours Boost Your Business

3D tours are an easy way to quickly grow your business and online presence. They’ll not only drive traffic to your site but they’ll increase the time that users spend on your site. These are all great ways for Google to recognize your hotel as more useful and relevant to those searching. 

Some other ways 3D tours can boost your business include:

  • Users can interact with your boutique hotel as they tour your rooms and other spaces
  • Users can picture themselves staying at your hotel since they’ll feel like they’re already there
  • Increase in brand awareness and user engagement by up to 150%
  • 90% of travelers search on-line before booking their hotel stay. Set yourself apart from your competitors by offering 3D tours
  • Help users visualize your spaces for their events

Digital content and especially virtual tours are key to setting your business up for a successful future. 

Give Blue Immersive Media A Call!

Our team is happy to help you showcase your hotel in 3D. We can help build your online presence and your business. If you’re ready to get started with 3D tours then give Blue Immersive Media a call today.

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