Construction Documentation: Pre-Demo

Take a look around.

Above is a Construction Documentation 3D piece. We shot this building BEFORE the demo of the inside. The contractor then use the schematic floor plan to create the new construction documentation and blueprints.

To View:

  • Press Play, or it will autostart.
  • Allow the “walk-through” to navigate the tour
  • Or, click anywhere to navigate via the mouse.
  • Remember to click the “tags” to see more info, if available.
  • Look to the bottom left for the Floor Plan and Dollhouse Views.

The schematic below is what we produce from the 3D scan.

The image files below are 360 degree views of the property. Notice the embedded icon in one of the images. These embedded icons can be place to tell a story in the images and in the 3D Walk-through above.
There are 7 images. See navigation at bottom of the viewing screen.


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