Boutique Hotel 3D Tour Video


Are you looking to drive traffic to your site and increase engagement on your social media platforms? Offering 3D tour videos of your hotel gives your potential guests a chance to see your hotel as if they were viewing in-person. Blue Immersive Media is happy to get started on your 3D tour videos.

What Is A 3D Tour Video?

A 3D tour allows a person to walk through a room or other parts of the hotel and interact with the space. A 3D tour video is a recording of that tour. It will enable a user to have the tour experience and feel as if they’re viewing the space in-person. 

Benefits of Using 3D Tour Videos

One of the greatest benefits of 3D tour videos is that you can post them to social media platforms such as Instagram. This will help drive traffic to your site and get people excited about their stay. Some of the other benefits of using a 3D tour video includes:

  • The ability for your customers to do the advertising as they share the tour videos on their social media
  • Gives your guests a sense of ownership since they feel as if they’re already at your hotel
  • More than 70% of people who use 3D tour videos have an increase in engagement on their site
  • Ability to collect information from those who engage with your hotel to drive your marketing strategies
  • Videos are easier for some to use compared to the interactive tour

3D tour videos will encourage users to stay on your site longer and view more of what your hotel has to offer. 

Contact Blue Immersive Today!

If you’re ready to set up 3D tour videos of your hotel, then we can help you out! Our team at Blue Immersive media is fast so you can quickly start sharing your videos on social media. Give us a call today so you can get started. 

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