3D Open House Tour, Virtual Staging and Schematic Floor Plan

Blue Immersive Media offers 3D open house tours, virtual staging, and schematic floor plan services. These services will help your clients engage with your listings and increase your home sales.

What Is A 3D Open House Tour?

Virtual tours allow potential buyers to get a more accurate view of a home before seeing it in person. This is a good option for those who need to buy a home in another state where they can’t view it in person. Offering virtual tours will also help you sell more homes and gain about 300% more engagement from clients. 

What Is Virtual Staging?

One of the best ways to sell a home is to give the potential buyer a view of what the house would look like with them living in it. Virtual staging allows you to do just this. Since it’s all digital, you can stage the home with the furniture pieces that best fit the space or even leave it blank. 

Why You Need A Schematic Floor Plan 

You can automatically generate a black and white floor plan from your 3D floor plans. These basic, 2D floor plans are known as schematic floor plans. They give your user a bird’s eye view of a space to help visualize the overall layout of a home or building.

How These Services Benefit You

There are many different ways using these services in your real estate business will help you out. Some of these benefits include:

  • Listings with 3D open house tours get almost 90% more views
  • Nearly half of all internet users rely on virtual tours to decide before they buy
  • Save you money since you can greatly reduce trips out to houses to show it in person
  • Listings that offer virtual tours get 40% more clicks, which will drive traffic to your website
  • Increase home sales by offering a staged home tour
  • Virtual home staging saves money since you won’t have to spend the money on actual staging
  • Schematic floor plans help your clients visualize an overall space

Another benefit of using these services is that it’ll drive social media engagement and traffic which will greatly increase your website traffic. 

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Blue Immersive Media wants to help build your business and see you have a successful future. We can drive user engagement and site traffic with our 3D open house tours, schematic floor plans, and virtual staging. Contact us today so we can get started!

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